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1202 Rue Bishop Montreal QC H3G 2E3

Welcome to Parma Cafe

When one thinks of real, authentic Italian Food, in Italy or abroad, the town of Parma will forever come to mind. Claiming fame for being the original home of Parmigiano cheese, prosciutto, cured meats and balsamic vinegar, while gaining cooking creditability from housing the Italian Food Academy, Montrealers are now in for a treat since Parmacafe is opening up in the downtown core. Resting at 1202 Bishop, below St. Catherine, Parma Cafe is a new Italian snack bar, an Italian Casse-Croute, a Pret-A-Manger lunch cafe and take-out spot that will satisfy every Italian craving, seven days a week. Open from 7AM until 10PM during the week and 9AM until 10PM on weekends, Parma Cafe is the city's new GO TO spot for real Italian comfort food.

Dreamt up while craving a late night Italian bite, stepbrothers, David Castro and Eric Petraglia (Macaroni Bar / Somwhr), could not find the right spot to satisfy their taste buds. While reminiscing on famous family recipes, dreaming about strong espressos, cappuccinos and other Italian desserts, the idea came to the brothers to open up an Italian deli to pay homage to their humble beginnings and bring a true part of Italy to Montreal. Promising to bring real, proper Italian food to the city at an affordable price, Castro and Petraglia took their idea to long-time friends and business partners, Angelo Cappucilli (Macaroni Bar / Somwhr) and Marco Romanelli (Vinitor Wines) just a few months later, Parma Cafe is ready to open its doors.

The Parma Cafe menu was designed and influenced by each of the owner’s backgrounds, joining flavours and recipes from two areas in Italy, Campagna & Sicily, while staying true to necessary ingredients and inspiration from Parma. Serving classic Italian dishes, like oven baked pizza, chicken cutlet sandwiches, sausage paninis, meatballs and daily pasta, soups and salads, each recipe stems from a famous Italian meal, with it's own Montreal twist. The cafe also is proud to offer a real Italian coffee bar and Italian desserts, alongside a take out grocery store market, specializing in imported olive and truffle oils, balsamic vinegars and homemade pasta and sauces for customers to purchase for home, something that does not yet exist in downtown Montreal.

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