Emplacements de Parma Cafe

162 Jean Talon E. Montreal QC H2R 1S7

Bienvenue à Parma Cafe

When one thinks of real, authentic Italian Food, in Italy or abroad, the town of Parma will forever come to mind. Claiming fame for being the original home of Parmigiano cheese, prosciutto, cured meats and balsamic vinegar, while gaining cooking credibility from housing the Italian Food Academy, Montrealers are now in for a treat since Parmacafe is opening up in the downtown core. Resting at 162 Jean Talon E., Parma Cafe is a new Italian snack bar, an Italian Casse-Croute, a Pret-A-Manger lunch cafe and take-out spot that will satisfy every Italian craving, seven days a week.

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